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Present your business applications, technical concepts, or cutting edge applications at the Zend/PHP Conference of 2007. With the most sessions, the world's top presenters, and the largest and most qualified attendance, this will be the premier forum for PHP in 2007.

Your participation will make this conference a success. Zend Technologies requests that you submit an abstract.

The conference selection committee will consider all abstracts submitted on or before May 31, 2007.


We are currently soliciting proposals for presentation at the 2007 Zend/PHP Conference. Proposals should focus on helping attendees by teaching from your experience. Any PHP-related topic may be proposed; some specific areas we'd like to see submissions for:
  1. Business Cases
    • How has PHP impacted your business Ė Revenue Growth, Customer Satisfaction, Time Savings, Economic Savings, Resource Savings or other?
    • What does PHP do for you that you cannot get from other technologies?
    • ROI with PHP, PHP TCO compared with Java, .Net, etc.
  2. Best Practices
    • Architecture: SOA, databases, clusters
    • Performance, scalability, security
    • Time to market improvements, quality management, agile PHP
    • PHP/Java/.NET mixing, matching or choosing
  3. Advanced Techniques
    • Extending PHP
    • Faster, bigger, better, cheaper
    • PHP Frameworks, PHP extensions, PHP open source projects?
    • PHP Tips and Tricks
    • Other .. (Surprise and delight us)
  4. PHP Applications
    • Home grown or existing PHP applications
    • Zend Framework, application examples
    • Eclipse PDT tutorials
    • Alfresco, Joomla, Mambo, Drupal, Nuke, Xoops, etc case studies
    • Wikiís, Forums, Blogs, Email and other collaboration tools
    • Business Intelligence and PHP applications
    • CRM, ERP and PHP applications
  5. PHP in the Enterprise
    • Integration: barriers and solutions
    • Setting up application design/development/test/debug/deploy for PHP teams
    • Application/Change management
    • From grass-roots to mainstream, how does PHP grow in the organization
  6. Open Source
    • PHP in the Government
    • PHP and Politics
    • Governance in the PHP community
Please be clear about the experience and knowledge level of the audience that you are targeting: novice, intermediate, or expert. Keep in mind that we look for a balance of all three experience levels when determining the conference schedule.

Proposals are due May 31, 2007.

Session Specifications:

Tutorials: On the pre-con day, October 8th, 3 hour tutorials.
Session:Sessions are ONE hour in length.

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